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    Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT)




      We have computers that have Intel AMT enabled. The OOB IP is configured for dhcp but they are not releasing the ip address althought the lease is 24 hrs. Because of that we are having ip address conflicts - the TCPIP stack of one windows machine when it is booted takes a new ip address but the OOB ip of that nic is an old one that conflicts with another windows machine.


      Has anyone heard anything about that ? Is this a bug or misconfiguration ?


      Thanks a lot

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          Hello Volney,

          Thanks for joining the community.

          We have received your inquiry and will proceed to investigate further since it is not usual for the IP address to remain causing conflicts. What could be happening is the DHCP servers sometimes assign addresses based on MAC address and this could be the reason why it tries to assign the same IP address to the same equipment even when the equipment is OOB.

          We will research on this and will get back to you as soon as we have updates.


          Jose A.