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    Computer occasionally freezes completely due to IOC Agent.


      I have been occasionally running into blue screens and complete freezing of my laptop. When I manually power off and restart the computer I check the Event Viewer in Windows and find the following error before the freezing:



      [7] ERROR ProviderManager.SecurepayBcaProvisioner - Exception during BCA-SGX provisioning

      System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): External component has thrown an exception.

         at Intel.Pabe.Factor.SgxProvider.AbortProvision(SgxProvider* , UInt32 )

         at BCAXInterface.SgxProvider.Provision(String provisionUrl, String providerUrl)

         at ProviderManager.SecurepayBcaProvisioner.<>c__DisplayClass16_0.<StartProvisioningAsync>b__0()


      Machine Specs:

      Laptop Manufacturer: Alienware (17 R4)

      Operating System: Windows 10 (1709)

      CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ (2.8Ghz)


      The source of the error is the IOCAgent. I checked and I have the Intel Management Engine Components installed for version I have tried a reinstall of the software and no luck so far.