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    RealSense D435 distance depends on aspect




      I am testing the new RealSense D435 using the Intel Realsense Viewer app that comes with the 2.0 SDK.


      I have put up an object in my room and measured the precise distance to it. 3.0m.


      When I set the Stereo Module resolution to 848x480 it measures 3.04m. Pretty good!


      But when I set the resolution to 640x480 and measure again i get 3.13m. About 10cm off!


      At 424x240 it seems to be about 15cm off. But at 480x270 it's similar to that of 848x480.


      What am I missing. Is this a bug? I also tried expanding the depth in Unity and I get the same odd result.


      All the best

      Carl Emil