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    Data transfer issue win 7 to an external device via firewire with dx58SO


      Hey please i need help with something. I have just bought a new computer, motherboard (dx58so), Processor (Intel i7 950), 6gb memmory, Video Card (nvidia 8400gs), Power supply (Corsair 750 professional)... I putted together and i installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. It worked fine but it has an unnsual problem when i try to save something from the computer to a external device, (USB, External disc, etc), it doesnt work well, it is really slow and sometimes it blocks.. When i use only the intern disc it works normal... I called Intel for help, and they told that it could be my power supply, because i had a 550 v before, so i bought the corsair 750 professional.. I Putted together and still has that problem... I updated the BIOS and nothing works...