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    optane drive visible (in RST UI) under storage view but not optane view


      Hi - I've read a lot of posts about getting Optane to work and I think I've followed all the advice:

      - z370 motherboard latest bios, uefi windows boot with CSM disabled, memory mapping enabled, Intel RST Premium with Optane is enabled, RAID enabled, M2 is PCIE enabled.

      - have 3 drives (SSD, Optane, HDD) all visible in windows 10 disk manager

      - used diskpart to confirm GPT on boot drive and did a "clean all" on optane drive

      - installed latest version of SetupRST and all 3 drives appear under *STORAGE SYSTEM VIEW* <-- NOTE: Optane drive does *not* appear under "Intel Optane Memory View" but is here (model mempek1w016ga, firmware: k3110310, system disk: no, controller type: nvme, pcie link speed: 2000 MB/s, pcie link width: x2, HMB supported No.)


      Any suggestions on getting the drive out of storage view and in to optane view?