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    Intel SSD not recognised by Intel Firmware updater, or Ubuntu Live USB, or CentOS boot USB



      I formatted an Intel SSD (details below) and now it's not recognised by the Intel firmware updater or linux boot USBs. Before the BIOS opens, the screen shows:


      NVMe detected      Intel SSDPEKKW512G7X1


      but it doesn't show up in the bootable options. Booting from a USB does not recognise the SSD. Ubuntu Live USB can boot, but only in terminal mode. This eventually gives the error: "nvme nvme0 identify controller failed (-4)". 'fdisk -l' does not show the SSD.


      The SSD is connected directly to the motherboard, was working before the formatting, and is:


      Intel 600p 512GB 80mm PCIE 3.0 X4 M.2 SSD




      Is there anything I can do to use it again? Any advice is appreciated, cheers.


      (First I would like to confirm that it is a single SSD affected there are no other drives connected, and I have confirmed it is connected correctly to the motherboard. I got the firmware updater from Download Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool  and flashed this onto a formatted USB disk with FAT32 filesystem. The firmware updater does boot, but after agreeing to the legal agreement, it informs me that there are no Intel drives detected and directs me to remove the drive and shutdown. I am using UEFI for 'storage' in the BIOS. The BIOS does show the drive under the NVMe Configuration advanced options, but selecting this drive shows a blank screen i.e. no available options.)