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    XL710 / X557-AT2 Connection Problem




      We designed a 10GBASE-T board with XL710 and X557-AT2. Our block diagram is below.


      Our Problem:

      - After writing NVMs, we connected our board and intel 10GBASE-T board with CAT6e 3m cable. But we could not see any connection.


      Board and situation information:

      - We are  testing this board on Windows 10.

      - we can reach and update the NVM of XL710.

      - We are using XL710_6p01_BASET_X557_NCSI_CFGID10p01_Quad.bin file that is inside the 23.1 driver package as a XL710 NVM image.

      - We are using v2.B.9.A_VER380_021_FVL_XFI_SGMII_3_Speed_No_Swap_Startup_LineOff_SerDesOff_X557_AT4_B1_070916.bin file that is inside the 23.1 driver package as a X557-AT2 NVM image.


      So our questions;

      - First of all can we use XL710 with two X557-AT2? Because your X710-T4 network adapter have one xl710 and one X557-AT4.


      - Second question is related to the NVM's image files. As i said above

         - we are using XL710_6p01_BASET_X557_NCSI_CFGID10p01_Quad.bin file for the XL710. Is this file true?

         - Do we need to write any NVM image to X557-AT2's flash? Because in datasheet of the X557 says that default interface of the chip is KR.

         - If we should write image file to the X557, which file we should use? We can find only v2.B.9.A_VER380_021_FVL_XFI_SGMII_3_Speed_No_Swap_Startup_LineOff_SerDesOff_X557_AT4_B1_070916.bin. Bu i think it is for the X557-AT4. We are using X557-AT2 




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