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    faceshift compatibility with d435


      Any info on a combination of this old software/Sdk  and new 400 hardware?


      this thread using 2014 SDK (, and sr300 succeed, looking to see if anyone got it working with new series.

      faceshift compatibility with SR300

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          Faceshift's RealSense support seemed to be programmed very specifically for the old 2014 / 2015 SDKs, hence it breaking after the 2016 R1 SDK was released.  It was a cause of disappointment for Faceshift fans, of which there seemed to be many.   After Apple bought Faceshift, there was no prospect of an update for newer RealSense cameras.


          The natural successor to Faceshift for users who could no longer use it was Facerig.  This has a general version for webcams and a free RealSense-equipped version called IRFacerig.  If the RealSense version of Facerig will not work with the D435, the general webcam version may be an option for you.