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    External Monitor not recognized by the laptop



      I tried to connect my Toshiba (NB200-10Z) to an HP monitor using a VGA plug.

      For some reason the monitor is not recognized by the netbook. I tried the  FN+F5 button and it doesn't work.

      I thought perhaps I need a display driver update, but it seems I have  the latest version (

      I tried to update the BIOS, no results.

      I used to have my other laptop connected to this monitor before, so the  problem must be with this netbook.


      The Intel application Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile, doesn't recognize at all the external monitor.


      I was considering a resolution incompatibility, but the NB200 allows any  resolution output on the second monitor (at least in the settings it  allows me to go upto 2048 x 1536)

      Any idea's??


      Apparently, this is a reccurent problem on the forums, but without any case resolved.