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    SATA/SAS backplane shows no activity leds when accessing Intel SSD's. Other drives do show activity.


      I have a 12 drive backplane which can host both SATA and SAS drives.

      8 of the slots are occupied with 4TB spinning Hitachi drives. Those drives blink the activity LED's when being accessed.

      2 of the slot are occupied with 512GB Intel SSD5 (SSDSC2KW512G8X1) drives. No matter how hard you utilize those two SSD drives no LED activity shows.

      The backplane is connected to a 16 port 12Gbps Adaptec/Microsemi controller.

      The PC manufacturer (SuperMicro) has suggested it is the SSD drive that is not sending the correct activity pulses to the backplane.


      Is this something that can be addressed via software/settings for the drive itself?