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    DH55TC board with i5-661 intel processor- DVI flickers and unit reboots


      Configured a new desktop with the DH55TC board, using a kingston DDR3-2GB RAM. i5 661 comes with embedded GPU so no graphics card installed.

      Using a 23" HD monitor. On using onboard DVI the screen has lines running on it and video goes off and comes back repeatedly- Issue on Win Xp-PRO SP2 as well as on Win 7 Business. If I use VGA - the screen doesnt flicker. Or if I use DVI and disable the Intel graphics in device manager and use XP native video driver, the screen doesnt flicker.

      Even the flickering is stopped by using VGA, the unit frequently crashes while playing music on hard drive or running any games such as NFS Carbon, that always played well on older desktops.