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    RAID 1 failed - Can't replace cause main is failed



      I installed (again) the latest matrix manager (Rapid) version (9.6) because maybe was wrong.


      I have RAID 1 and the main HD is failed, not the mirror.

      When I'm trying to replace the failed with new one, the software tells me that I can't access the data and there is HD missing.


      If I connect the new HD instead of the mirror (not the failed one) the software starts rebuilding the array but it will fail at 45%-50% cause the HD is corrupt.


      How can I make the mirror one as main so I could connect the new HD and rebuild the array again?


      I though to remove the array when the failed HD (main) is connected and the new one so the mirror will remain with all its data and remove it, and than create new array.


      The array remove (via post, not windows) will remove all the data from the main (failed) HD?


      I tried to find out a solution for it but couldn't


      Thank you very much!!