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    USB SCP/REC overflow




      I'm working on connecting multiple Realsense cameras (D435) to a single computer. The PC I'm testing this on is a few years old now. When I connect two cameras and open the realsense viewer, one of the streams is stutter and delayed. It also occasionally displays USB REC Overflow or USB SCP Overflow. I had thought this may be a limit to the bandwidth of the USB 3 bus (I can remedy the situation by reducing the resolution of the camera). However, when I connect the same cameras to a newer PC I'm able to stream at full resolution without any issues -- I'm even able to add a third camera without a problem.

      Therefore I'm putting it down to a limitation with the PC hardware.

      I need to buy a new PC for this project. What is the limiting factor here? What should I spend the money on if I want to be able to reliably stream 2+ cameras? Googling the phrase hasn't given me anything valuable.


      Any help greatly appreciated.