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    DH55TC + Bios TC0031 + Nvidia card


      I upgraded one of these boards to the latest bios today (TC0031).

      After the upgrade the PC starts booting windows 7, and at the part that it's supose to initialize the display it freezes.

      The computer has a GTS240 with latest drivers, i also tried it with a GT220.

      When removing the card and booting with the onboard GMA HD it boots up fine.

      What I did notice is, after uninstalling the nvidia drivers, reinserting the card, it lists both the driverless nvidia card and the onboard GMA card in the device manager, as if it didn't disable the on-board vga when a vga card was installed in the PCI-E slot, could this be the problem?


      Also when i tried to downgrade the bios back to TC0028 it failes on the management engine part.


      Did anyone else experience this problem? and found a solution?

      Any suggestions?