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    Problems with collage profile



      We have a fujitsu P556 / 2 computer that brings an integrated 630 intel, because our client has asked us to put two external screens to show videos and a monitor where we can work, we put the following configuration:
      Intel 630 -
      DP - 1 TV (with a DP-VGA adapter)
      HDMI direct to TV
      Nvidia 210 for main monitor (principal monitor for windows 10)
      in the control panel configure the two TVs in mod collage
      Once configured everything works perfectly ... until the TVs are turned off! when turning them on again everything is unconfigured, the TVs are put in normal mode and it is predetermined, I have to reconfigure the control panel with a saved profile called COLLAGE TV
      Is there a way to tell the control panel that this profile is always predetermined, that it does not change the configuration and always use this profile?
      I have the latest version of the driver, the 15.65, Windows 10 Professional 1709