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    Intel SR300 breaks down frequently


      I bought the camera(Intel SR300) in November 2017.

      At first , it works well. The example code runs fine.

      BUT from some day, it started breaking down.

      I have already tried many many ways.(including some updates and settings).

      I have just tried librealsense a few days ago.

      I thought it would solve my problem,but it didn't.

      As before, the problem is not so serious.but now it stop working totally.

      When I  usea a software called Intel RealSense Viewer.

      The RGB camera is working fine, but when I  press the button of "Coded-Light Depth Sensor        off",the depth camera is always disconnected and the camera will connect again.(As PIC 1)

      The green of depth camera will blink once and I can hear the sound of USB disconnected and reconnected.


      By the way, when I use 2016 SDK R3, the code often breaks down at the init of PXCSenseManager.(PXCSenseManager->init())

      and when I use librealsense, the code often stops at wait_for_frames(rs2::pipeline.wait_for_frames())


      there is one more thing confused me,my Intel RealSense Camera SR300 RGB is under the branch of photographic camera where my built-in camera of my laptop is instead of the branch of Imaging devices.(As PIC 2)

      However, I have no idea of how to fix it.


      If someone needs more information of my laptop,I am glad to offer.

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          I have similar issues with using an SR3000 on my own laptop (an Acer Aspire ES15).  It exhibits the same connection behaviors in the RealSense Viewer.  In my case at least, it is related to the computer not being able to maintain a connection to the camera due to USB power stability issues. 


          On my computer, the solution was to provide the USB ports with additional power supply.  This can be done by plugging the camera into a mains-powered USB hub, which is available for around $15 from stores such as Amazon by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.


          I was able to provide this extra power to make the camera work with a cost-free method though.   By attaching a device that can be charged with the USB port to the computer (a tablet in my case), the charging tells the computer to send extra power to USB to provide the charging and so stabilizes the camera.  The process is explained in the article below.


          My personal fix for SR300 on Build 15063

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            I am sorry to reply you so late.

            thanks a lot!

            My Problem is solved when I connect my sr300 camera to a powered usb3.0 hub.

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              Awesome news!  Thanks so much for letting us know.  Have a great day!