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    Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)




      Firstly, I'm a complete computer nerd!  So any solution you may offer can you put it in simple easy terms please.  I have the above item in my Acer desktop (which is a good few years old!) and recently I've noticed that when I'm playing the occasional HOG game (I don't play those huge combat type things!) the graphics will really slow down.  And sometimes I can't even open new games at all because I don't seem to have whatever is needed to do that!!!  I checked and found out that the graphics thingy is discontinued now.  Is there any way at all that it can be upgraded?  Or can I fit a new one???  If I can, can anyone tell me which one would be best and how to fit it?  I'm a 58 year old woman with limited computer knowledge, but I do like to figure out things for myself.  But I'm lost here, so can anyone help???  I'd really appreciate it.

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          Al Hill

          You have Windows 10, right?


          Your chipset, graphics, and processor are not supported on Windows 10.

          Look way down this page and click on LEGACY INTEL GRAPHIC PRODUCTS.

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products


          And look here for your processor:

          Does My Intel® Processor Support Microsoft Windows® 10?


          There is nothing you can do to correct this, except get new or newer hardware that is supported.


          Now, if you have an available PCIe x16 slot in that Acer desktop, you may be able to add A COMPATIBLE nvidia or amd graphics card.  The focus here is on COMPATIBLE.  Some cards are, others not.  If you can find such a card, check to see if it is supported on Windows 10.  If you are successful, you might squeeze a couple of more years out of this desktop.  But, you could also be throwing away money if the desktop dies next month.


          One other possible solution is for you to go back to Windows 7.


          I know it sounds bad, but that is the reality of hardware that is a decade old.