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    CPU Temperature Issue


      1st of all I would like to say hello, first time poster, long time lurker


      I'm a little bit ( a little more ) worried about the temperatures measurements that I'm getting in my gaming sessions...

      Using an ASUS X550JX laptop - Intel i5-4200H ; Nvidia GTX 950m 2 GB DDR3 ; 8 GB DDR 3 ; Windows 10 64bit.

      The system idle temperatures as of writing this are 48 C and with something like The Witcher 2 playing they are about a constant 99 C...

      Bellow I have attacked the test results using IPDT ; also I have heard alot of talk about undervolting using Intel XTU - what are the best setting for my CPU using it, if someone knows...


      What can I do to lower the temperatures, really worried that my CPU is going to die...

      Thank you for reading this and wish you a wonderful day !!!

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          These are indeed concerning temperatures. While IPDT gave the processor a pass, the temperature readings were still within a few degrees of the Tjmax temperature for your processor. This can degrade the processor in the long term.


          What I suggest you do is get a can of compressed air and use it to clean out your laptop's cooling chamber. Go outside to do this. Simply aim the can into each vent opening and press the trigger. Continue to do so, slightly changing aim, until the dust present is completely cleared.


          Hope this helps,


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            Went out, bought a can of compressed air, follow the instructions and then tested the results...

            Bellow I have attached a printscreen using Intel XTU for the StressTest option and the idle temperatures.


            So now, what are other tips or recomandations, the temperatures are still very high...

            Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day!

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              What is/are the blower(s) doing while the temperature is this high? They should be running at full speed and you should be able to hear them easily. Is this the case?

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                The laptop only have one fan, and yes it's running at full speed I think. When I am using it to browse, using Office or viewing a movie, it's working at a lowish volume but when I lunch a game after about/aprox 5-10ish minutes it's starts to ramp up and can hear it.


                P.S. Sorry for the late reply it was Easter in my country.

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                  Hey, it's your problem; you can take as long as you want to respond (it's not like we won't be here when you do)...


                  Ok, so the blower is responding to the temperature rise, but it is not winning the battle and temperatures are at unsustainable levels. To me, this is actually not surprising. Your laptop is almost 5 years old and likely its Thermal Interface Material (TIM; the paste that is used to conduct heat from the processor's heat spreader (top metal surface) into the heatsink) is drying out or starting to break down (though much more slowly, it can separate the way that cheese does when heated). You likely need to have the TIM replaced. Now, this is not something to attempt yourself if you don't know exactly what you are doing. My recommendation is to find a local shop that can do this for you. If I am correct, this will lower temperatures significantly and extend the lifetime of your laptop.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Will take it tomorrow from the shop that I bought it from.

                    Thank you for all of the time and support, will reply when it will return !!!