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    Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver won’t install


      I have a new Dell Optiplex 7050 PC.  I installed windows 7 64 bit on it, but the (integrated) Intel HD Graphics 630 was not detected in the Device Manager.  I tried to install the latest driver for the Intel HD Graphics 630, but I get the error:  This computer does not meet the minimum requirements xxx. 

      Download Intel drivers for 630



      I tried installing the two previous drivers which gave me the same error.

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          Al Hill

          Go back to Windows 10.  Windows 7 is not supported on your processor, nor is your graphics:

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products


          There are no drivers for anything less than windows 10.



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            If I went back to Windows 10, the driver would work, but I need Windows 7 on this computer. 


            I read through the driver’s supported processors for Windows 7 64 bit.  I looked at my computer, and found that my Dell 7050 has a 7th Gen Intel Processor.  I found that driver "" supports Gen 7 processors for Windows 10 only from the Intel Driver Download site below:


            Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 630


            I found the link below describing how to modify the inf file in the driver to work with Windows 7 64bit:


            Thank you for the information which helped me get it to work.


            I listed all the steps that worked for me below:

            1. Download the zip file version of this driver: win64_154519.4678.zip.
            2. Unzip this file into a new folder on your computer.  Change directory (cd) into the "graphics" folder which is one folder down.
            3. Modify the INF file called “igdlh64.inf”, by opening/editing it with a text editor (notepad, Wordpad, notepad++, etc) Replace the Windows 7 section below with the code from the Windows 10 section.



            ;    Windows 7 Install - DT Only



            ; SKL HW


            ***** REPLACE THIS TEXT ********




            ; Windows Threshold Install - DT + Mobile



            ; SKL HW


            ***** WITH THIS TEXT ********


            Save and close this file.

            1. Next, change directory (cd) up one folder.  Right-click on the Setup.exe file and select “Run as Administrator”.
            2. Continue with the installation.  When prompted "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"  Select Yes.  (This is the first time I got this far!)
            3. Continue with installation and reboot.
            4. The screen resolution should be higher on the log in screen.
            5. Log in and verify the Intel HD 630 is displayed in the Device Manager by performing the steps below:
              1. Right-click Computer and select Manage
              2. Scroll down to Device Manager
              3. Under "Display Adapters", the "Intel HD Graphics 630" is now listed.  (It used to say Standard Graphics Driver.)
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              Al Hill

              And you are still unsupported.  Only Windows 10 is supported on 7th gen and later processors.




              If you need Windows 7, get hardware  that supports windows 7.  Otherwise, you will have to deal with this issue more than you think.


              You should also consider running windows 7 in hyper-v in windows 10 pro.