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    Can't be booted by DDR4 quad channel memory composition


      ASROCK released BIOS v3.40 of meltdown problem improvement, so when I downloaded this BIOS and updated, My PC couldn't be booted any more.

      The contents of trouble failed in chipset initialization, and a power supply became off.


      When I asked ASROCK, I got the answer to which such phenomenon has not occurred by ASROCK.

      So I investigated variously to find out the cause of the trouble.

      As a result, It was revealed that it couldn't be booted by DDR4 quad channel memory composition.

      it can be booted with no problem by DDR4 single channel memory or dual channel memory composition.


      I reported this result to ASROCK, and I asked once again.

      I got the following answer from ASROCK.


      Referring your question about BIOS, we do not same CPU/VGA/SSD/Memory,

      so we used the configuration below:

      CPU: i7 5820K

      Memory: Crucial 4G-2666 (1G x 4)

      SSD: Intel SSDPEDMW400G4

      VGA: GT1030


      We did not duplicate the problem.

      About unable to quad channel memory Intel implement some codes in BIOS 3.40 that can fix

      the Meltdown problem.



      It became difficult that I trace it any more by this answer.

      So, my PC returns BIOS to the previous version(v3.30) at present.


      The way where a similar trouble has happened in everyone, yes, if kidnaping, is it trout?


      My PC construction is below, there has been no overclocking:


      CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v4 (Type: 0, Family: 6, Model: 4F, Stepping: 1, Revision: B00001C)

      Motherboard: ASROCK X99-WS (E-ATX, LGA2011-v3, BIOS v3.30)

      DRAM: G.SKILL F4-2400C15Q-32GRR 8GB x 8 (total: 64GB, DDR4-2400)

      Video card: Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury(4GB HBM, PCI-Express)

      Storage: Intel SSDPEDMW40 (400GB, SSD, NVMe PCI-Express)

      Power Supply: CORSAIR HX850i (850W 80PLUS PLATINUM)