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    x25-M failure


      -Running Dell 630 with Win08 Server R2 and 8GB RAM;

      -X25-M with latest firmware is running on modular bay;

      -BIOS (latest) set for AHCI (but same behavior occurs on IDE setting);

      -Machine boots, x25 is recognized and Intell SSD Toolbox shows everything ok;

      -SSD runs fine and after a few minutes x25 disconnects and is not recognized;

      -Modular bay is taken out and back in and x25 is recognized again;

      -Trying to also run VHDs on x25 and failure makes it impossible;

      -Anyone suggestions are appreciated.

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          I would like you to change the port that you are using along with the cables of the Solid State Drives (power and information); also if you can run a secure erase to this disk, you can download the bootable tool from the following link: http://cmrr.ucsd.edu/people/Hughes/SecureErase.shtml

          If after this you test the Solid State Drive and cannot see the Solid State Drive, I suggest you to test the Solid State Drive in a different compatible motherboard and see if it works there, if the issue persist, please contact the Solid State Drive support phone number: 916 377 7000 option 6.