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    Intel Unite Issues with Logitech Plugin and Sound controls


      Hi there,


      we have just started to test the Intel Unite hub in our enterprise environment and so far it works pretty well. We are planning on installing a few of these devices in our infrastucture but yet there still are a few issues which should be resolved before completely commiting to your solution:


      - Sound control: If one is sitting in the same room where the hub is located and wants to remotely play a video to the audience, the referent is not able to only mute the client device, since the sound is played on both, hub and client, but with a slight delay. We obviously dont want that delay to be able to create an enjoyable environment for the audience.


      - The Logitech plugin is not working for our logitech group and connect devices. We followed the steps explained in the documentation (Intel_Unite_Plugin_Logitech_Guide.pdf) but are not able to see "the Logitech Plugin icon located at the bottom of the window (Figure 18)." (window = Intel Unite Client App) (ref. Intel_Unite_Plugin_Logitech_Guide.pdf page 17). Is there anything we could have missed? I have to say, that we already reinstalled the logitech plugin cause we wanted to be sure that the logitech device is set as standard device BEFORE installing the plugin. Still no change.


      Since we want to use your system in a productive environment, we would really appreciate a solution for those issues.


      Additional information which might be usefull:

      Hub System: Dell OptiPlex 7050, Client Systems: HP 840 G3

      Hub Version Unite App:, Client Version Unite App:

      Logitech System Work perfectly fine.


      Thanks in advance, and a nice weekend!