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    DG45ID Cannot load RAID Drivers (XP Pro install)


      Dear experts,


      I have been able to set up a mirrored raid set (RAID 0) - no problem.


      However, there is no way on earth to install XP Pro.  I know about slipstreaming and XP installation and adding drivers either manually or by nLite.  I have successfully created custom/slipstreamed XP Pro SP3 disks before AND used them.  But with the DG45ID board it's the blue screen of death as the installation gets to "Starting Windows" after loading all its drivers.


      Intel's site has several articles all pointing to effectively the same things - create a slipstream disk.








      No matter what  - this WILL NOT WORK.


      I have a Sony USB floppy and using that (without "slipstreaming" drivers into the CD) it will allow F6 to initially find the drivers but when it later tries to load the drivers the floppy cannot be found - even though it was just used!  But in http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-020811.htm#usbfloppy I see from the MicroSoft article "A connected USB floppy disk drive does not work when you press F6 to install mass storage drivers during the Windows XP installation process" that the Sony USB floppy is not supported!


      There has to be a way to install XP on the DG45ID configured with RAID.  I'd really appreciate any pointers people might have.


      Will Windows 7 have the same problems installing on the RAID drives?

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          buy a supported floppy, e.g. TEAC.

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            From the Microsoft article you see that the supported floppies are listed as in the table below


            Plug and Play ID USB floppy disk drive model
            USB\VID_057B&PID_0000Y-E Data; Sony part number 09K9835
            USB\VID_0644&PID_0000TEAC; IBM option part number 27L4226, FRU 05K9283


            If I go and buy a TEAC drive how do I know that it's Plug and Play ID is the supported one?  You'll notice inthe same article that one Y-E Data drive is supported and another isn't.


            In this whole process I've selected the iaStor drivers not the ia AHCI drives because RAID is referred to in the iaStor.inf.


            Again - anyone know if Windows 7 can install without without issue on the DG45ID with RAID set up?



            ps:I can instal the OS if in the BIOS I set "Configure SATA aqs IDE", but then I sacrifice the benefits of RAID.

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              with win7, you can also use your harddrive or usb drive (stick/pen) to load the drivers. works with no problem

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                Because of the way drives are packaged by various companies, it is hard to tell if the drive itself is TEAC or any other supported drive.


                I just bought a "Targus" usb floppy which said nothing on the package about drive manufacturer. Once removed from the packaging I noticed on the back of the drive casing "TEAC".  Humm... tried the install with F6 and - lo and behold, may the gods be praised - it worked.


                Now XP Pro is installed on the DG45ID with RAID.

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                  I have the same problem.  This is a Microsoft Win XP issue, not an Intel issue.  I was able to create the RAID volumes no problem in the BIOS of a DG45ID motherboard with the latest BIOS as of this date.  I then proceeded to try to install Win XP Pro using a new in the box Mitsumi external USB floppy drive (Mitsumi Model N533) with the windows XP drivers for RAID.  The BIOS detects the Mitsumi USB floppy drive (an 'approved' selection from Microsoft's own URL on this very issue) but when I do F6 during install, it does not detect the floppy drive.  Therefore, Intel good, Microsoft bad.  I tried every USB port on this DG45ID motherboard front and back side during F6 install attempts: nothing worked.  The forums seem to indicate that everyone is able to do it with a TEAC variety drive.  Helpful to know that Targus brand is a TEAC drive.  Final version of Vista and all versions of Windows 7 already have the Intel RAID driver included so no F6 install required; just pop disk in and do install.

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                    Yes you can install windows 7 64 bit on a DG45ID with RAID I did it using a BYTECC usb floppy and loaded the Intel newset raid drivers during w7 install no problem . Now using two ent. class 160 raptiors RAID O , works good preety fast , just whished I had gone SSD instead of RAID . One ssd is much faster than any raid.

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                      It is funny I ran across this post! I have been trying to get (2) of my Intel DG45ID pc's up and running XP PRO 64Bit for three days and nights now and it has been a total failure!! I have tried every damn thing known to man on trying to make a USB Flash Drive work using nlite and NO luck!! I have followed every step by step I could find on the net to tell me how to do it but nothing will go past the "Starting Windows" BSOD!!


                      I am now reading you articles here about the "Targus" USB Floppy Drive working and would really like to know for an ABSOLUTE fact by someone who owns the same board if it really works before I waste more money for another damn let down!! If I buy one and plug it in, will it see it when I hit the F6 again to load the raid driver?? Personally, I just can't see it happening because windows controls the a: drive when you hit "S" to insert the floppy normally. WILL THE SYSTEM GO TO THIS EXTERNAL USB FLOPPY AND READ FROM IT???







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                        Brother, you don't need ANY floppy to load raid drivers to ALL Windows versions after XP! You people are making that one too hard, it lets you load anyway you want when loading Vista, 7 & 8. I am sitting here with these boards running all of them right now and all I did was slap dvd in player and browse when ask to load the raid driver, simple as that! XP is the only one that is a MFer when there is NO floppy drive on the motherboard...

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                          Ziad Aghar

                          Guys do what Sparky said. There are many other solutions but the one he suggested is the simplest & most effective.


                          Don't mean to go off post but why still on XP? 'if I may ask'

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                            Listen very carefully! Go into the bios and look under "Boot" for the boot from USB. Then "Enable" it. Then put the USB Flash Drive in a port. IF you have made a bootable USB drive, it will simply be picked up on boot OR your USB Floopy Drive will be too... People make this just too dang hard and it is not! To use a USB Flash Drive, one first must master how to make one bootable!


                            NOW, if you want to load XP with raid on the DG45ID Motherboard, do as I said above!

                            1.) Set bios to raid. (Save and reboot)

                            2.) Create the raid you want with "Ctrl I". (Save and reboot._

                            3.) Have USB Floppy Drive plugged into USB port with floppy in it.

                            4.) Have XP cd in cd drive.

                            (Steps 3&4 can be done when you first start all of this, it doesn't matter.)

                            5.)  I can assure you that it will pick up the floppy drive and raid drivers when it wants them. BUT, if not, then direct it when prompted to do so.

                            6.) Make sure that when windows first loads and before the first reboot, UNPLUG THE FLOPPY DRIVE!) Why? Because you "ENABLED" the Bios feature to boot first from the USB!! Remember? DUH!!

                            7.) Kick back and enjoy your XP Raid setup!!!


                            Word to the wise! Soon as you get online, type in browser dg45id and go to the "Support for this board at Microsoft" and go to drivers and downloads on the left of page that opens. Find the VERY LATEST bios version that is 0135 and flash the board using the .exe choice. THEN go back and do the "ME" and the "Chipset" downloads. Then get he latest LAN & Audio both downloads to upgrade ALL of the board like it ought to be for you. The install CD that comes with the board isn't crap! It is outdated and so many people go on never realizing this! The first three I spoke of or absolutely a must, PERIOD!!!


                            I run this board with "Raid 0" by choice using 3 - 10,000 rpm WD Raptor drives with a 1TB Raptor for storage. 8GB of dual channel 6400 memory and with 4GB of killer video. This board is excellent no matter what anyone wants to say bad about it!!! You can run up to a Sata II off of the board or do like me with a card installed for Sata III

                            Either way, ENJOY!!!

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