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    compatibility problem


      My motherboard is intel DP35DP, with Intel Pentium DC E2200 2.2GHZ.  I installed windows 7 64 GB, and my computer says your intel active management technology isn't compatible with this version of windows.  How do I correct this poroblem?

      I also have a yellow mark in device manager by Network controller and PCI simple communication controller.  It says install device, but I don't know what to install.

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          My Intel Active Management Technology is not compatible with my windows 7 64gb. My motherboard is DP35DP, and pentium DC E2200.  How do I correct this o-problem?

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            Download this driver for Management Engine


            (From Trevor)

            Right click on the setup.exe and select properties

            Select the Compatibility tab

            In the compatibility mode section check the box “Run the program in compatibility mode for:”

            Select the following in the drop down “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)”

            At the bottom of the properties window set the privilege level by checking the box in front of “Run the program as an administrator”

            Click Apply

            Click OK to exit out of the properties window

            Double click on the setup.exe and follow the normal install/setup steps


            If it does not work, try to install the driver manually from device manager.


            Let me know the device id for the other unknown device in device manager. Post the screenshot if possible.


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              Thank youso much for your help installing driver.


              I am sending the screenshot of the Network controller If I can get it to work.  I haven't done that before.http://space.live.com.All it says is PCI bus 7, device 1, function 0 and the PCI Simple Communications Controller  bus 7, device 0, function 0.  I don't know what they are and what I need to install them.

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                Your help fixed the problem.  Thank you so much.