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    Intel ac8260 dual-band wireless/bluetooth pci-e intermittently disconnects from router


      I'm struggling with my wireless card dropping wifi signal momentarily at irregular intervals (anywhere from once every ten minutes to once per hour). Previously this was a minor issue that would correct itself rather quickly (the connection to the router was restored in seconds and any streamed application would return to normal function within 30 seconds). After recent driver updates, however, the connection to the router does not always restore reliably. Each time the connection drops now, the only solution I have found is to forget the network and immediately reconnect to it. This has happened before with this device, but previous solutions no longer work.


      Thus far, I have:


      Ensured all drivers are up to date

      Disabled U-APSD

      Updated the BIOS on the motherboard

      Disabled Bluetooth


      Please help,