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    Need Help) Can i get some finished example about rs2 - function?


      Hello, I'm newbee in RealSense SDK 2.0 in C++, Visual Studio. (for D400 Series)


      I searched manual of RS SDK 2.0, there are lot's of helpful examples.


      but, in rs2 functions, unfortunately, there aren't complete example function.


      when i download sdk 2.0 lib, exe etc.. i can see below function and explanation.




      * \brief Creates RealSense context that is required for the rest of the API.

      * \param[in] api_version Users are expected to pass their version of \c RS2_API_VERSION to make sure they are running the correct librealsense version.

      * \param[out] error  If non-null, receives any error that occurs during this call, otherwise, errors are ignored.

      * \return            Context object


      rs2_context* rs2_create_context(int api_version, rs2_error** error);




      It explain the rs_create_context function, but there isn't finished examples like,


      rs2_context* rs2_create_context(int api_version, rs2_error** error)


          ......... contents...............




      So, could you show me some finished example about rs2--- functions?