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    i9| i7 8700| ES of Xeon e5-26xx v4


      Hi all,


      To run Tensorflow GPU , and convolution network GPU algorithms I am considering processors:


      1) i7 8700

      2) i9 7900x

      3) xeon e5-2690v4 ES


      Needless to say that I am a poor student and would rather prefer being given processors for development than to spend my pocket money for processors instead of lunches.

      However, what of the above could you advise?


      In particular it is interesting how Q1/16 xeon ES will correlate with performance of Q4/17 of i7 8700 and Q2/17 i9-7900x.


      While the performance of ES is doubtless better,but it has used state , though with a price of i9-7900x. The latter seems reducing price within time. However,  i7 8700 appears to be the most recent one, but evidently less performative than both of the mentioned before, and significantly cheaper. Moreover Intel seems to introduce Xeon D series. That makes the choice much more complicated, in my opinion.


      May be Intel could provide some engineering sample for development or testing on whatever conditions?



      Compare Products


      It seems that apart of difference in prices they belong to different class [desktop/server]

      Moreover, apart of GPU computations I have an interest in virtualization hypervisor. In particularly  interesting to me seems the issue of delivering of virtual desktop over the network.

      If I have GA-H61M-S2V-B3 with


      Architecture: x86_64

      CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit

      Byte Order: Little Endian

      CPU(s): 4

      On-line CPU(s) list: 0-3

      Thread(s) per core: 2

      Core(s) per socket: 2

      Socket(s): 1

      NUMA node(s): 1

      Vendor ID: GenuineIntel

      CPU family: 6

      Model: 58

      Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3225 CPU @ 3.30GHz

      Stepping: 9

      CPU MHz: 3292.437

      CPU max MHz: 3300,0000

      CPU min MHz: 1600,0000

      BogoMIPS: 6584.87

      Virtualization: VT-x

      May be I shall rather consider upgrade to i7 7700 as the most economically beneficial with less expenses? Because all other mentioned options will involve substitution of motherboard and memory and corresponding elements including power supply. Or rather I shall wait until more performative and affordable models come up?


      Kind Regards,


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Andrey_nsk,

          I understand that you are looking for the best processor to use tensorflow and other. 

          Regarding this, I would strongly suggest to check on the tensorflow website and see if they have the requirements of the processor needed. Any processor with the recommended requirements or above should work just fine. 

          Also, here is a comparison between the processors:


          The Xeon* processor has made specially for heavy tasks and use as they are meant to be used for workstations and heavy applications. Still the 8700 should work just great but the Xeon* is the best for heavy duty and/or applications.

          David V

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            Thank you for your response.


            I understand that you draw my attention to two possible candidates as xeon e-52690v4 and i7 8700.


            I do not necessarily look into tensorflow performance particulary, moreover I am rather concerned in GPU version of tensorflow. However running of virtualization and sophisticated algorithms could load cpu as well as GPU, in my opinion.

            Basically Google seems to use TPU processors that are available in the cloud, but their programming language will execute on any architecture like x86_64 or arm, as it seems to me.


            Thank you for the explanation regarding concern and target use of the mentioned processors.

            As Xeon* processor has been made for heavy tasks and persistent heavy load possibly they should be the best fit for convolution networks training, as it seems to me.


            Kind regards,


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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Andrey_nsk,

              Thank you for your response,

              That is quite correct, according to your description the best option would be to go with Xeon* as it is meant to work for hours without problems and heavy-duty applications, as mentioned before however, remember to check the requirements of the processor to make sure it suits your needs.

              David V

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                David V,

                In oriental world I have found at auction

                some xeons items that seem affordable

                but sellers can not verify operability of the cpu's

                [if they work or not]

                Could you based on S/N confirm that the cpu's actually belong to the e-5 v4 family of xeons  and do not appear to be fake, please?

                Item 1:


                Item 2:i-img1200x675-1523501553i22xly166633.jpgi-img1200x675-15235015536faunk166072.jpg


                As I have mentioned I am a poor student and only xeon cpus I can afford are used auction ones. Since you couldn't offer educational discount any help with distinguishing if listed cpu's appear valid will be appreciated.


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                  The identifier appears to be correct. My concern would be that these are ES - as in Engineering Sample - processors. The first problem with ES processors is thst they are early stepping parts. The second problem is that most motherboards do not carry microcode for ES parts.


                  I would not purchase anything without formal guarantee that (a) the parts work and (b) the parts are not engineering samples.



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                    N. Scott Pearson,


                    Thank you for your response.


                    As a matter of fact as long as sellers can verify [formal guarantee] that parts work, they rocket prices.


                    For example one of the above can be approached with bid 40, and the other with 200.

                    Moreover, sellers that can verify items to work have prices like 700+ for ES.


                    However, If Intel could offer 50% educational/research discount I would  get a new retail xeon e-5 2690v4.


                    But nevertheless, thank you for your opinion.

                    Should I stick to use of the  i3-3225 CPU @ 3.30GHz that I have and give up with the idea to get a xeon , presuming I am limited in budget?

                    Are there particular motherboards that  are likely to support ES microcode?

                    Could you confirm the rows of capacitors at the bottom to correlate with the model numbers at the top heater, please?



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                      You'll need to talk to Intel about verification - and that discount... 


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                        Is communities.intel.com the right place to talk to intel pertaining to the verification/discount?

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                          For the identification, right here - but not on the weekend. As for discounts, no idea.


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                            Thank you for letting me know!