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    p55 exress ICH RAID hides (or prevents access to?) SMART data?


      About 2 weeks ago I built a machine on the p55 express chipset. (i5-750 with an asus maximus III formula).The storage I set up as a RAID1 array of 2 Seagate 500 G 7200 RPM drives using the Intel ICH controller not the other two built on this board..This setup runs Windows 7 64 bit ultimate.


      Sometimes when the system wakes from sleep the hard drive bangs around noisily. I'm looking for where this setup using Intel's ICH to do the RAID allows access to the SMART data from the hard drives. Seatools from seagate only sees the RAID device and won't interact with the drive. The Intel Matrix Storage manager desperately needs an advanced/debug mode that goes beyond "advanced" mode. It seems mostly informational and provides no access to the SMART data I'm looking for.


      I should note that I work for one of the top storage companies and I have a pretty high technical ability in this area.