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    Intel Aero ribbon cable wiring


      Hello Intel Aero Community Forum,


      I need to verify the wiring in the ribbon cable. Figure 7 of "Intel® Aero Compute Board Hardware Features and Usage" appears to be labeled incorrectly, causing confusion. The wiring for the ribbon cable appears to be a one-to-one relationship where pin 2 of the top connector goes to pin 2 of the bottom connector and so on, however, this is difficult and tedious to verify using a multimeter. I've attached a picture that should clear up any confusion. The picture shows a ribbon cable with what I think the pin numbering is for the ribbon cable connectors. In summation, I need to verify the pin numbers for the ribbon cable connectors shown in the attached picture. In case my numbering is confusing in the picture, '1-79' and '2-80' are for the pins on the connector going from right to left (even though my notation, 1-79, is increasing from left to right).