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    intel wireless-ac 3165 wireless adapter not working on Dell Inspiron 13 laptop


      Since January my wifi adapter is disabled intermittently. Sometimes it comes back on after I try a few things like reinstalling drivers but this happens randomly. On device manager the adapter is disabled with error code 45.



      - Dell inspiron 13 laptop 7000 series, service tag (DSJZ2C2)

      - Windows 10

      - proset wireless software version 20.40.0, driver version


      What I have tried:

      - uninstall and clean install of driver, at first repairing proset installation worked too. Also tried the driver version not packaged as proSet...that didn't help either. 

      - dell factory reset and tried previous Bios versions, rolling back on windows updates (the adapter was detected only briefly and stopped after the next restart)

      - also tried system restore to a point in time where I did have wifi, this helped initially but then I ran into a BSOD situation when I tried an earlier system restore to get it working again.

      - network reset, didn't make a difference


      I am out of options now and can only access internet through my ethernet connection which is not ideal. I would appreciate any help or suggestions!