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    Temperature range on i5 8600k for long term reliability?


      What is the temperature range for i5 8600k for long term reliability?

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          Hello wingman99,

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          We do not provide temperature ranges for each processor, as it varies by processor. You can find the thermal specifications for a processor in Intel® Core™ Processor technical documentation.

          Alternatively, follow these steps:

          Visit our product information page.
          Select Processors, click the Processor Brand, then select your Processor Generation, Family, or Series. If you aren't sure which category your processor belongs to, use the search specification in the upper-right corner. Enter the processor name and search the site.
          Locate the specific processor you need.
          Under the Product Specification page of the processor, click Package Specifications to determine Tjunction or Tcase.

          Refer to this article to get more information.

          Wanner G.