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    intel(R)HD Graphics 4000(2015


      Hi, So I have error 2147163901 since today which means I can no longer open any of my scans, photos, etc.   The 'fixes' found online are way too difficult for me to follow, so eventually I posted on a forum that i was 'giving up' with Microsoft and Apple.


      I use Windows 10 on a 6 year old Toshiba AIO.   Fully updated, and with not much in the way of apps.


      It has now been suggested that I update my Card as above, so came to this site, found there is any update, but chose to download and run the Intel security program to check.    What a surprise when it too told me it was not able to 'work' on my computer!!


      I am not comfortable just downloading and updating things at the drop of a hat.   Microsoft is telling me that this card is 'up to date', yet others seem to think it is causing the problems I now have with my photos, and from this site I can see that there is a newer update around 1st March 2018, my card being from 2015.


      Can I please get some help before I just give up.