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    [ASK] Can I Install Ivybridge CPU on Sandybridge (Upgrading Processor)


      Hello everyone


      I want to upgrade my processor from Intel Pentium B960 (Sandybridge) to i5 3230M (Ivybridge) which supported on HM76 mainboard and socket rPGA 988B(G2).


      What i want to ask is:

      1. "is it possible to upgrade processor with different architecture/generation especially on HM76 Chipset Mainboard?"

      2. "Other than CPU compability, chipset/mainboard series, BIOS and CPU socket, what else should i find out before i can upgrade my CPU?"


      I already read some article about 'ivybridge cpu on sandybridge motherboard' and many of it says that it is possible to use ivybridge processor on sandybridge mainboard, BUT only work on LGA 1155 socket and limited to 4 Socket (H61, H67, P67, and Z68). Is that true?


      On the other hand, based on my research, I found that i5 3230M processor does compatible to HM76 mainboard which used socket rPGA988B (G2), also in Lenovo Hardware and Manual Maintenance (link and picture bellow) page 86 write that my laptop Model (Lenovo G400) have many variant CPU installed (some released with 2020M, some with B960, i3, etc).

      Does this mean that i can install that CPU to upgrade or?


      I hope your information for me to decide to, or not to upgrade CPU, Thank you.


      Laptop BRAND/MODEL                : Lenovo G400

      CPU Name                                    : Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 (Sandybridge)

      CPU Socket                                  : rPGA 988B (G2)

      Mainboard Chipset                       : HM76

      SMBIOS Version                           : 2.7 (Latest for my model)

      GPU Name                                   : AMD Radeon HD8750M




                                                                           G400 CPU List.png