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    Rapid Recovery Volume - Uneven Drive Sizes?


      Hi, I'm upgrading my laptop hard drive - the new drive will likely be larger.

      I want to use the old drive as a matrix storage manger rapid recovery volume.

      Will I be able to use the extra primary drive space for another non-mirrored storage partition or will this space be wasted?

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          Conversely, it would be easier to leave my 80GB laptop drive in place. I could get a TB eSATA drive as a rapid recovery drive that would mirror my system drive when I dock. I'ts crucial that I back up my system, but if I don't have two new equal capacity drives- 80 GB external eSATA don't currently exist as far as I know- what becomes of the extra space? Could I make use of any excess on the external drive for a storage partition in addition to the recovery partition?