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    intel core i5 7500 and gtx 1050 ti upgrade monitor wont work


      So my pc had a Pentium g4400 and a 1050 ti and I recently bought an i5 7500 and when i connect it to my monitor ( monitor has VGA and pc has HDMI and I use an adapter) it doesn't show anything when i use my i5 but when i use my Pentium it works. Also, I played far cry 5 on my Pentium lowest settings and got 20 fps. I tried it with my i5 and in the loading screen I had 10 fps  and in-game i had 5.. I honestly don't know



      Full PC specs


      Intel Pentium g4400 2 cored

      Geforce GTX 1050ti

      Motherboard is H110M PRO-D MSI

      500 watt coolermasters psu


      i want to 7upgrade to an i5 7500