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    Pentium III info on ark.intel.com


      I'm trying to verify some information for a legacy system, and looking to find an exact replacement for a cpu with the SKU/part number, RK80533PZ006256.


      When I look up this string on ark.intel.com, it is listed as a Tualatin chip.

      However, every other place online, such as CPU-World, it's listed as a Coppermine chip.


      Doing further research shows a similar inconsistency for many of the higher-clocked Coppermine chip S-Spec, where Ark lists it as Tualatin instead.

      In one case I found a photo of a chip which has the voltage printed on it, but when I look that one up on Ark, the voltage is different.


      Could I have a verification as to whether the part number RK80533PZ006256 corresponds to the S-Spec SL5QK and is a Coppermine chip?

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          Hi repaxan,


          In the Photo is a SL5B2 (RK80526PZ006256) and that is a Coppermine.

          The SL5QK (RK80533PZ006256) is a Coppermine T


          80525 = Katmai (0.25 µm)

          80526 = Coppermine (0.18 µm)

          80533 = Coppermine T (0.18 µm)

          80530 = Tualatin (0.13 µm)


          Intel probably listed the last used name on the ark link.

          When you go to the first link in your post and click on: Ordering and Compliance you can see that 80526, 80530 and 80533 all have a 1.13GHz / 256K Cache / 133MHz FSB model.


          you can find more information about the Pentium III models on a wiki page.

          Pentium III - Wikipedia


          Hope this helps.



          Leon Merts