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    hd 4600 graphics problem: black screen




      I have an Asus N550JK-CN126H laptop with Intel HD 4600 graphics and Geforce GTX 850M graphics cards (combo graphics card), with official pre-installed windows 8.1, and I have a problem since september 2017... Once the resolution of my screen automatically changed to 640x480. I couldn't change back to 1920x1080, so I restarted my laptop (I thinked it's a little problem). After that I saw the Asus logo (when booting the windows), and after just a big black screen (no lock screen, just nothing in the screen). I tried so many ways to solve this problem (for example I reinstalled my windows), but I cannot find the perfect solution. At last in safe mode I disabled the Intel HD 4600 graphics driver (just the Intel), and after the restart in normal mode I saw everything. I updated my all graphics display drivers (Intel version:, Nvidia version:, but when I enabled the Intel HD 4600 graphics driver - after 2 days normal function - I got again the black screen problem.... So I had to disabled again the Intel HD 4600 graphics driver in safe mode, but I cannot play games with these settings. Can somebody to help me? Thanks in advance