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    Got the replacement Core I7-920 for DX580SO and a new problem


         Got my replacement CPU Core i7-920 from Intel, installed it on DX580SO.  With only the bare essentials connected, when the system turns on, it immediately  turns off and comes on by itself(sort of like rebooting), but there is no video, no beeps, no nothing.  I have OCZ-GXS700,  700watt power supply connected to the board.  I have the main power supply 2x12pin, also the 2x4pin cpu1&cpu2 power supply connected to the board.  The video card is the EVGA GTX 260 with two PCI 6pin power connectors, connected to it.  I am at a lost, before I replaced the cpu(for the old cpu), i did not have this problem( my hard drives kept on failing, but that is another story,lol).  I would very much appreciate any feedback.  Thank you