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    I7-7700k crazy temp swings.


      Running stock speeds, CPU not overclocked.


      Tried it with a Gigabyte Auros gaming 7 mobo and a ASrock killer sli 270 mobo.


      Tried it with a Cryorig R1 universal and a Corsair H100v2.


      Just doing mundane things like opening youtube can get me anywhere from a 20c to 40c spike in temp.


      Jumping into PubG INSTANTLY puts me at 60c, some games even higher.


      There is no ramp up time for this to happen,  it jumps temp INSTANTLY.


      Don't even ask me to stress test the thing, puts me into the 80's instantly and I have to shut it down for fear of getting to close to shutting down.


      I know these things are known for running hot, but isn't this a little extreme, and its bound to lessen the lifespan of my cpu right?


      Any suggestions would be helpful as this is really driving me crazy.

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          Because of Intel's decision to use thermal paste, rather than solder, to thermally connect the processor die to the heat spreader, temperatures can definitely be more volatile and this is what you are seeing. It is not an indication of a problem with your processor, however.


          Unless you are seeing temperatures that are consistently above your processor's Tcontrol temperature (which is typically in the mid-80's), you have nothing to worry about. The processor can run at its Tcontrol temperature practically indefinitely without suffering any thermal degradation.


          If you want to know what your (Desktop) processor's Tcontrol temperature is, read the IA32 Temperature Target MSR (address 0x01A2). Bits 16-23 specify the processor's Maximum Junction Temperature (Tjmax) and bits 8-15 specify the Tcontrol Offset. Subtract the Tcontrol Offset from the Tjmax value to get the Tcontrol temperature threshold. If you don't have a program that can display the value of MSRs, I use a freeware tool called RWEverything.


          Note that , if the Tcontrol Offset is 0 (zero), a Tcontrol temperature is not being provided for the processor. This will be the case in most Mobile and Embedded processors. I consider this unfortunate because the only number you then have to work with is Tjmax.


          Hope this helps,


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            I have always used the program called realtemp, and with that I can get within 3 degrees from what it claims is the tjmax which apparently set at 100c with this program.


            Within a second of activating prime95 I am into the high 80's low 90's using this program to monitor temps, and that is from a idle temp of approx 34 degrees.


            Added a quick picture showing two programs running coretemp and realtemp.

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              Then you need to look into your fan speed control configuration. By definition, if the temperature is above your processor's Tcontrol temperature, your processor cooling fan/blower/pump should be operating at 100% duty cycle (i.e. full speed). This is usually handled in the BIOS configuration, but some board vendors provide runtime tools for adjusting this.



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                Those temp are with my AIO and sys fans at 100%.


                And there are no airflow issues with this case, nor were there any with the other case the asrock board was in.


                The only thing I have found to bring the temp down is to disable turbo and lower my vcore, but that kind of negates the point of buying this cpu in the first place.


                And again, I don't overclock, again another reason why I went with the i7 7700k was for the STOCK core speeds.

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                  Hello, gwartham.

                  Can you please run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool? Please share with us the results.

                  Antony S.

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                    Hello, gwartham.

                    I would like to know if you could run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool and the results.

                    Antony S