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    Detecting a landing station




      I am working on a school project to detect a landing station and land on it successfully. My station will be a rectangle of a specific color, so I am using the R200 real sense camera to filter for the largest rectangular object of a certain color, find its center, and then compute the x,y,z coordinates of it. The R200 camera is only forward facing which is problematic when I am directly above my landing station, and the bottom facing camera is black/white which will not be very helpful, is there any solution around that ?


      Also, how do I access the frames from the bottom facing camera using python if I want to do some image processing on them ?


      Finally, there is a movable 'camera' that is under R200 camera. I did not find anyone talking about using it, do we have access to that ? Is that even a camera ?


      Thank you,

      Abdullah Al Obaidi