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    Intel 620HD graphics drivers and Adobe.


                                        After the drivers version 4901, the next drivers(tried all including lastest release from March 27) started to create problems in ADOBE software(PREMIERE PRO, MEDIA ENCODER and AFFTER EFFECTS) and Mercury OPENCL Aceleration. When a video is added using graphics card aceleration (openCL) the video looks green, violet  and with deformities on the programs view tools and after encoding it, it looks the same when reproduced with any video play app.

      It only happens with GPU aceleration, with software aceleration i have no problem.

      I get crazy trying to figure out was wrong until i realized that windows updated the drivers recently. Then tried a lot of version until i found that the latest version working ok was 4901.

      To reproduce the bug just import any video in a project in Premiere PRO and the bug is there. My computer is an ACER SWIFT 5 with i5 7200U and intel HD graphics 620. Only tried in the screen of the notebook, connected and disconected to power. it happens ALWAYS (100%)


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          Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Communities Team, NahuelMS.

          In order for me to assist you better, please provide me with the .txt file that the System Support Utility will generate. To attach a file, you must click the “Attach” option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.
          I would like to clarify, the only drivers where this issue is not shown are the 4901? Additionally, can you test your system using an external monitor? And, have you contacted Adobe* to confirm if this is a known issue?

          Antony S.

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            Hello Antony thanks for replying!

            I adjunt the .txt file generated in the HD 620 control panel, it is the same as you asked me or i need to donwload that software?. I added one in the original post but it gest lost in because it wasn't in the apropiate treadh.

            All the drivers before 4901 included worked with no problem. The problem started with all the subsecuent drivers. I will try to test my system using an external monitor but at this moment i don't have one, i don't watch tv . Anyway as i stated when the video is exported using GPU and them played in the the video player or in my cellphone it looked green and violet with distorted image, so i think it is some kind of coding/decoding problem and not a visualization problem.

            Didn't post in adobe forums because i was using the latest version of the Adobe software and it was working ok with 4901 and previous drivers so it seemmed to me that something changed in the drivers must be the problem. Did search in google and didn't find anything about this, but since the drivers with the problem are relatively new and the common people doesn't update the drivers often plus that the intel hd 620 isn't a recommended card to work with video i think there isn't going to much people with this same problem now.

            Maybe someone here had similar specs and can give a try to see if this is happening to them too. It is i5 7200U 8gb ram, it is a really common spec in ultrabooks and Adobe Premiere Pro can be donwloaded for free in adobe web page (30 days trial). I will list the steps for reproducing the bug explicity:

            1-Open Premiere Pro

            2-Create new project and chose Mercury engine with GPU aceleration (OpenCL)

            3-Import a video inside. (I used videos recorded with my cellphone so it is a H264.mp4 video, didn't tried with others formats but it is the most common format for non profesional video)

            4-Watch the preview or the output of the video and it will be distorted with green and violet.

            5-You can export the video and it will be exported with these anomalies too, so you can saw them in any reproductor.


            Sory for the grammar errors!

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              Thank you very much for your reply and the information provided, NahuelMS.

              I would appreciate if you can share as well the System Support Utility file for me to research deeper on your issue.

              Antony S.

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                Hello, NahuelMS.

                I would like to know if you still need assistance regarding your issue if so, please provide me with the information requested in the post above.

                Antony S.

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                  Hello, NahuelMS. Thank you very much for your reply.

                  Can you please try installing the latest Intel® HD graphics drivers (4982 version) for your controller? Click here to download them and then follow this guide in order to complete the installation. Please be aware that the driver I am sharing with you is a generic driver from Intel® and some features of it might not be available for your machine, we always recommend verifying if there is any update with the manufacturer of the computer. Nevertheless, we can try to perform this troubleshooting step.
                  If that troubleshooting step did not work for you, please try installing the drivers provided by your system manufacturer. Please find here the download link.
                  Additionally, I would like to know if you could test your system with another monitor.

                  Antony S.

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                    I am very dissapointed at least. You make me do all this things just to tell me to install the drivers with i have problems in the beggining? Did you read the problem and the explanation? Don't want to be rude but you make me waste my time.

                    I will keep the drivers version 4901 until maybe in another new version you magically fix the problem or something as i see you have no will to do nothing to help me.

                    Also i did tried with an external monitor and the problem is present, it is not monitor related as stated before. The fabricant version drivers are older thab 4901 so no sense to install those.