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    Drive removed itself from array but still visible with new serial?


      Intel(R) Chipset SATA/PCIe RST Premium Controller

      on MSI x299 motherboard

      Intel driver

      inf iaStorA_inst_8.NTamd64



      2 SATA st4000dx001 drives in raid 0


      Working all fine and well 'till one day i powered on to find a degraded array,
      One drive is in the array , one drive is apparently missing, but shows on the drive list.

      Here's where it gets weird,


      There are supposed two identical drives in the array

      2x st4000dx001-1ce168







      however, as i booted today there is a degraded array which appears to contain


      2x st4000dx001-1ce168



      Z3014MQZ:1 ( Status missing )


      (notice the :1 appended to the drive serial by RST, that's not infact what the drive reports with any drive tool )


      with a 3rd st4000dx001-1ce168 drive with the serial Z3014MQZ




      I have no idea how the RST has made up a new serial for my hard drive or why it's been removed from the array

      Given i havn't made any changes to the cables or position or any other edits ( other than a windows update and a reboot )




      Why do i have a degraded array ?
      Why do i have this new serial for a drive ?


      IF i can some how fix the reported serial , no doubt the array will just fix itself



      ( I have no attempted to change any settings nor have i mounted the drive, i'm hoping to keep the data )
      If we cant save the data, it's no hassle, it's only a local copy I can pull a backup, but with 7TBs of data, that's going to take the day, if not two days to re-copy

      Also if i cant understand what's caused this problem ? It might happen again, if not tomorow, then next week or next month....



      If i havn't made myself clear, ( it's late, i'm tired ) Some screen shots showing the array and the serials of the drive that's supposedly 'missing' and that same drive shown in the list