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    Disable WiGig not Available


      To whom it might take care,


      I have a Dell Latitude 5285 2n1 detachable that it's configured with the Intel Wireless TriBand 18265, I installed the most recent Wireless Dock Manager software (v. 3.0.53144.1) in order to disable the WiGig component however when I click on the settings icon the disable option isn't there the only thing I can see its the information on the below image. Please confirm the following doubts I have:


      1. Do I need WLD15 docking to connect to my system in order to disable this component?
      2. I researched about this card and it looks like the card consumes more power than a dual band card due to the fact that the card has to enable the 60Ghz band.
      3. I found that when the device it is NOT connected to a wireless docking but it is connected to a wireless router still the card consumes the same amount of power than when the system is connected to wireless router as well as connect to the wireless docking.


      Attached you'll find the info about the device in case you need it.





      Jhon S.