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    Support for Kingston HyperX HX424S14IB/4




      According to nucblog.net's review (link) NUC7CJYH (and likely NUC7PJYH) don't appear to work with Kingston HyperX HX424S14IB/4 (2400 MHz CL14-14-14) memory in dual channel mode. Apparently, the system simply won't boot with both sticks installed. This memory has specifications and an arrangement that "should" be supported by this NUC. It should also be mentioned that the slightly lower spec HyperX HX421S13IB/4 (2133 MHz CL13-13-13) works fine in dual channel mode.


      This is some rather decent memory, which I have available and was planning to use on the NUC7PJYH, and it would of course be nice if you made it work with these NUC's. Is it possible to look into fixing this incompatibility in a future BIOS/UEFI release?