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    Intel HD Graphics 630 10 bit video support / DVI-D Dual Link display resolution support



      Please clarify if Intel HD Graphics 630 (i7-7700k processor) together with the latest Intel Graphics Driver v. does support a 10 bit video output for every color channel (OpenGL or DirectX Windows 10 64 bit).

      Please specify the port (DP or HDMI) which supports 10 bit color output and how to enable this feature in Intel driver software if applicable.

      For instance, in ATI  Radeon software there is a special checkbox available to switch on/off this function.

      This feature is a must have for Color-Critical Display support.

      If the latest Intel HD Graphics does not support 10 bit video output please advise whether this function be available in future or there are some hardware limitations for i7-7700k processor.

      Also important, whether the processor graphics supports DVI-D Dual Link display connection with total display resolution of 2560x1440@60Hz?