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    intel Graphics and Control Panel ideas


      hi intel corp


      I am here to give you some ideas of ect


      improve intel graphics direct x to a new sdk more faster ,and have low impact loading and gaming on the games

      improve better 3d quality

      improve better cpu turbo boost performance and fecuency stavility and multitask ect

      improve better (VOLCAN SDK )for better performance for gaming and quality

      improve better (open GL) for better performance gaming and quality

      improve better (open CL) for better performance gaming and quality

      improve better shader version quality and performance

      improve better run time direct x

      improve resolution performance and stavility for upscaling 2k 4k 8k so there is not input lag for gaming on the display or ect

      improve better display performance and speed and response time  for gaming and inprove 60hz 120hz 144hz 180hz 200hz 240hz or higther  and improve display monitor ms

      prevent tearing on display monitor ,ghosthing,blurred,disorted,noise image when is to much black or ect ,

      improve video rendering quality for all resolutions

      improve upscaling video rendering quality

      improve rendering video websites for HD quality

      prevent cpu delay gaming or loading

      prevent cpu overheat


      make control panel see the cpu temp and cpu ghz and grafics cpu  moving like task maneger windows 10

      improve cpu performance brocasking for twich, youtube, facebook, xbox brocast ect

      improve display HD colors and deepbits


      make a better control panel u=you cant enable or disable some feature of the control intel panel

      improve game detection so you can de side  when is running to disable it or enable it if you don't whant to use intel graphics  incase the cpu is overheating to much

      improve fps for all games

      improve all 3D sdk   1D,2D,3D and 4D

      improve water sdk   water in game that look like plastic and not real water improve quality

      improve better effects cpu and graphics


      you can add a new feature game boost in the control panel to help games run more faster and have better performance and ect


      update cpu engine to detect all the correct graphics in games some game graphics start flashing or video card don't detect it correctly all parts of the games

      improve grass rendering quality  grass in game look very bad and blurred


      improve better hardrive performance

      improve better memory performance

      improve fast HDMI performance


      ect just helping to make the best intel graphics possible with ideas  and people can be happy