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    Internet dropping when using wired connection.




      I've been having issues with my I219-V for a couple of months (I actually think it's been around 6 or 7 months).



      My connection keeps dropping when I use applications that need a stable internet connection.


      Communication apps like Discord, Hangouts or Skype, frequently happens that either I stop receiving the audio from the other people in the conversation OR they stop receiving my audio.

      Games like Rocket League or other games over the internet keep dropping or freezing for a minute (AoE 2).

      Streams also freeze for 30 seconds to a minute before they start playing again.


      This only happens when I use a ethernet cable from the modem.


      My hardware:

      - Core i7 7700k

      - Asus Prime Z270-AR

      - 2x8Gb DDR4 Crucial Ballistix

      - Corsair VX550 (previously), EVGA SuperNova 850 G3 (currently)

      - Windows 10 Home


      I've been trying a lot a different things to solve this issue, unfortunately I can only go around it but not fix it.



      - contacted my ISP and after some time they ran some tests and could not find a issue on their part.

      - updated lan driver (from asus website)

      - updated BIOS

      - updated lan driver (from intel website)

      - tested with a different ethernet cable

      - changed the power options to "maximum performance" and disabled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

      - formatted and reinstalled windows

      - changed my boot drive (bought a new SSD)

      - tested my memory sticks (memtest and trying using only one of them at a time)

      - sent my motherboard to RMA and got a new one

      - bought a new PSU


      All of these "fixes" did not fix the issue. Only two things made it work correctly:

      - Installing a Pci-e Wi-Fi adapter and connecting through Wi-Fi

      - Connecting the ethernet cable from my notebook to my desktop and sharing the Wi-Fi from the notebook to the desktop through the ethernet cable.

      - Tested the same ethernet cable from my desktop on my notebook, and it works perfectly.


      I don't know what else to do. Contacting Asus they say the only option I have is to send it back to RMA and hopefully a new one (third motherboard) might not have this issue, but I'm not confident this will solve the problem.


      Any ideas?