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    How i can get openGL settings?




      Forst of all: sorry for my bad english.


      I have only integred videocard "intel hd graphics 530", and i wanna play in "knights of The Old Republic II". As most people which play in that game know, some reason you can't play in kotor2 on integred intel videocard. But i found decision in the internet, which probably can help: in openGL settings switch "flipping policy" to "blit". But i can't found how to open that settings of openGL. I dont have anything at "Graphics Properties > 3D"  ([url=https://pp.userapi.com/c840138/v840138203/91fb7/WXjN3OwO-w8.jpg ]screenshot[/url])


      Please, answer, how i can do it?


      OS: windows 7, openGL: 4.4, drivers: lastest.