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    Q8200 problem


      Can anyone tell me if the Vss at k5 could cause the system to shut down if the pin is either not touching where its supposed to or touching the lands around k5. Those signals are REQ0#, REQ1#, REQ3#, REQ4#, A3#, A6#. i needed to know for sure that that is the problem before attempting to fix bent pin or replace socket. Otherwise i'll throw it out. The machine will work great for 6 or 7 minutes and then shut off. I also noticed that if I tried to access the internet through  wired ethernet or access the hard drive in a strong write to it. . Thank you in advance. Anyone please..

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      David A. McCoy

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          Hello DavidAM,

          I understand that you are experiencing an issue where the system turns off 6 or 7 minutes after being turned on.

          Regarding this I would like to start by mentioning that the unit you currently posses is out of interactive support, this means that this unit is no longer supported by us. However, since I want to help I would recommend you to try with a different processor on the current motherboard. This is just to test and see if the problem is the processor itself or something else, That will help you isolate the problem as well.

          David V