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    NUC7i7BNH Displayport on USB-C not detected/Flicker Multiple Display/Power off Monitor/Loses Collage Mode


                In reference to https://communities.intel.com/message/472873#472873, i do face similar issues described in the thread , in addition to it, the displays flicker while in operation. i have 3 displays in daisy chain connection, the primary display interface with the NUC via converter USB-C to DP. And i am using Collage mode in graphics, and each time i lose display, the NUC forgets the collage mode and changes to clone mode and i have to change it each time.The converter i use is not of the type validated by Intel, could that be an issues ? When i remove the connector and plug it back, the display get detected or wake up from power off mode. Even though the  sleep mode and turn off display setting in windows has been changed to Never, still the display go to power off . Kindly suggest some solution to overcome these issues.